In Design-Build, the COMPLETE Team is known as the design-builder. We assume responsibility for taking a concept developed by the client, completing the detailed design, and then, pending the client's approval on the design, we proceed with construction.  Virtual design and construction technology has enabled our ability to maintain tight construction time frames.

There are two main advantages to using a design-build contract: First, our Construction Team works directly with the Design Team to develop a design with constructability in mind.  In that way, it is possible for the team to creatively find ways to reduce construction costs without reducing the functionality of the final product.  In some cases, the client can expect a reduced price due to the increased construcability of the design.

The other major advantage involves the schedule.  Many projects are given out with an extremely tight time frame.  By awarding the contract as a design-build contract, the contractor is established, and early mobilization and construction activities are able to proceed concurrently with the design. 

Under a traditional contract, construction cannot begin until after the design is finished, the project is bid and awarded, and then the team can mobilize.  A Design-Build contract can take months off the finish date of a project.

COMPLETE understands the complexity and anxiety created when the client enters into a contract without all of the details hammered out.  However, we can streamline the process and again make the client feel comfortable about their decision.

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